Welcome to the RUSecure CTF Contest 2023 Preparatory Round!

The RUSecure CTF Preparatory Round is purely educational, designed for teachers as a tool to better prepare their students in Cybersecurity and prepare them for future Contests. This is a team-based contest open to public school, private school, home school and community college students. Teams must consist of 3-5 students and a coach. Registration will open and the Contest will begin on Monday, September 25th at 8 am.

At the same time, we also have an educational opportunity for faculty. To register for our NSA GenCyber sponsored virtual camp for teachers, visit our registration site. In the meantime, any questions should be addressed to Dr. Joe Chase at jchase@radford.edu.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the RUSecure Qualifying Round to be held starting in late February, 2024, as teams from all around the Commonwealth and around the U.S. compete to earn their way to the RUSecure Final Round scheduled for April, 2024.