Welcome to the RUSecure CTF Qualifying Round!

The Center for Information Safety and Security at Radford University, along with the Department of Information Technology at Radford University, are proud to announce the 2020 RUSecure CTF Qualifying Round. This cybersecurity CTF contest will provide an opportunity for student teams to test their skills against the best and brightest in Virginia and around the United States. Students will work on challenges including Linux, Reconnaissance, Cryptography, Hashing, and Web Exploitation.
Teams must be made up of currently enrolled high school, home school, or community college students. Teams will consist of between 3 and 5 students, and a faculty or staff coach.
While there is not a limit on the number of teams from one school in this round, no more than two teams per school will qualify for the Final Round later this spring. Unlike the Preliminary Round, which was focused upon education and therefore open to all who wanted to participate (this year reaching approximately 2000 participants!), this Qualifying Round is focused upon evaluation/competition with no hints or educational materials provided. Teachers are encourage to put together a smaller number of their best teams to compete in this round.
The Qualifying Round will begin at noon on Monday, February 24th, and will continue until noon on Friday, March 6th. Registration will be open soon!